TPO is closing its doors in the US. Not to worry though, we have you covered. Your number and your phone are both safe and no action is required at this point.

We've made an arrangement with Ting, a top-rated and very affordable cell phone service. Your account balance, SIM card, phone and phone number will be moved over to them and you won't lose anything in the transition.

For now, just hold tight. You'll get an email shortly that will tell you how to switch to Ting in a few simple steps.

Q & A

Nov 27th, 2018

Is my service being shut down?

NO! We are working to transition your service to another carrier called TING.

How can I keep my service from being interrupted?

Right now, nothing. TPO is working to move our customers to TING and prevent any interruptions or inconveniences to you. We will be sending you an email and SMS with more details on what needs to happen to move your phone to TING.

When will I be notified of actions I need to take to move to Ting?

You’ll be contacted and need to move over the next 30 days.

Will Ting provide the same plans/rates?

Ting has their own rate structure and you will probably pay less than you were paying at TPO. Visit their web site at to see their rates or contact them at 1 855 278-6646 with any questions.

If I don’t choose Ting or another carrier, when will my service be turned off?

If you do not port your number to another carrier or if you do not sign up with TING, your phone service will be turned off. That date is still to be determined and you will be notified when your service will end with TPO.

What happens to the 10% donation to the charity of my choice?

TING has agreed to support TPO’s mission to help nonprofits by donating $10 for each customer who converts to TING to Planet Water. Planet Water was chosen as it proved to be the most popular charity of our customers.