Turn your supporters’ cell phones
into a brand new source of fundraising
for your cause

Who we are video

Who we are

The proposition is simple: Instead of doing what other mobile operators do and spend huge amounts of cash on expensive TV commercials & billboards - TPO gives 10% to a cause you care about.

Inspired by our mission, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales joined the TPO team in January 2014. Together our goal has been to raise billions for good causes worldwide, delivering goodness with every connection we make.

What we can do for you!

By registering as a TPO Mobile Partner, you become part of an amazing network which is raising money and awareness for thousands of good causes around the world. We believe that by doing things differently as a business, by saving money on advertising and spreading through word of mouth, we can let customers make a real difference to issues they care about, at no extra cost to them.

We can offer advice and support in a number of ways. These include:
Cause rewards

Cause Rewards - Boost your donation pot by working with TPO

You’ll be added to the list of partners that a customer can pledge 10% of their bill to. We’ll build you a comprehensive partner page on our website, promoting your great work to our customer. You’ll raise more awareness and money for your cause, and unlock a host of exciting benefits. Boost your donation pot by working with us!
Digital collaboration

Digital Collaboration

Raise awareness for your cause in one of our featured partner slots on the TPO website and on the ‘TPO Giving’ platform. We can also run joint programs on social media and email/SMS.
Tailored plans

Tailored Plans - We love our mobile plans

We love our mobile plans But if we can make one that's just right for you and it makes sense then why not? You'll have everything you need to turn your supporters' mobile into a brand new source of fundraising for your cause.
Save money

Save money

It’s not only cause supporters who benefit from our amazing value plans-it’s likely you’re overspending on your own phone contract. If you’re looking for a better alternative to usual mobile operators, why not give us a try? We’ve got a great range of prepaid plans tailored for charities, good causes, and people who appreciate good value. We’ll save you and your organization money-that’s a promise.
Just get in touch!

Tpo giving

TPO Giving - The donation platform that doesn’t take a cut

Unlike some other fundraising platforms, we don’t take a cut from your fundraisers. It means your cause benefits fully from the hard work from your supporters. How? You link to our giving platform, and you get your own donations portal. It’s that simple.

Become a partner today, start unlocking benefits like donations and additional help, and reap the promotion opportunities!

How you can help

We'll work together to promote the partnership and create a new way for your supporters and members to give - at no cost to them. We can provide the tools you need to get your supporters using their mobiles to power your work.
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Encourage more customers to choose your cause, to start unlocking extra benefits.
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Feature your unique personalized page on your site, social media channels or newsletter.
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We'd love your social fans to become ours and vice versa. Let’s run joint programmes. Or like each other a lot.

What our partners say

"Kiva celebrates and supports women entrepreneurs looking to create a better future for themselves, their families and their communities. With your donation via TPO, you have the chance to lift one to lift many."

Premal Shah, Co-Founder and President, Kiva

“At Pencils of Promise, we're always looking for simple, seamless ways that people can support our global educational work. Through TPO Mobile, more and more people are finding out about our mission of providing quality education to students in developing countries.”

Natalie Ebel, Chief Marketing Officer, Pencils of Promise

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