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TPO Mobile is the network of goodness. We give 10% of everyone’s bill to any cause they like, for free. In keeping with goodness, we value the safety and privacy of all our customers, and want to make sure that this includes keeping kids safe online and on their mobiles.

Very soon, we’ll be offering a parental controls package for all TPO Mobile plans. You’ll be able to choose to include Family Zone with your mobile plan as an add-on, and enjoy a service that comes with peace of mind. At last!

What is Family Zone?

Family Zone is a state-of-the-art parental control measure that allows users to safely limit their children’s access to unsuitable material found on the internet and on mobile phones. Using the most recent technology in internet security, Family Zone ensures that your experience with TPO Mobile isn’t just a smooth one—it’s a safe one, too.



Block pornography and adult content

All pornography and adult content is blocked by Family Zone. By default our filtered networks impose safe search restrictions on Google and Bing, protecting your family as they search online.

Restrict access to social media

Family Zone enables parents to block sites and apps they don’t want their children to access. It works with most popular social media sites, including Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, Netflix,Twitter and many more. Parents can selectively choose access levels and apply different settings for younger or older children.

Disable device features including camera

Mobile Zone gives parents remote control over device cameras. This can prevent children from taking and sending inappropriate photos without parental consent.

Limit app downloads and in-app purchases

Family Zone can block access to the App Store or Google Play, ensuring children can’t install inappropriate apps without parental consent. In-app purchases can also be disabled on Apple iOS devices.

Restrict YouTube content

Family Zone gives parents control over YouTube content. YouTube can be blocked completely, restricted to age appropriate videos, or unfiltered for older teens.

Limit access to games and apps

Family Zone controls access to online games and other hazardous apps. No more distractions during study time!

Covers devices on all networks

Parents can Install the Mobile Zone app on children’s iOS (version 8.0 and higher) or Android (version 4.0.3 and higher) devices to protect them on any network. Mobile Zone works on 3G, 4G and WiFi networks, so children are protected at home or on the go.

All managed via the Zone Manager app and/or web portal

The Zone Manager app (Parent App) and web portal provide parents with friendly, easy to use controls for managing their account. Parents can install the Zone Manager app on their iOS or Android device to easily access their Family Zone account and parental control settings, or use the web portal on any web browser.

Calendars and routines

Calendars and routines are designed to make managing online access easy for parents. Each family member has a routine which defines the times of the day classified as ‘sleep’, ‘school’, ‘study’ and ‘play’. Parents control access to the internet and different kinds of content, for each of these periods.

Quick Time Changes

Parents can temporarily override a child’s regular access routine. From extending play time to stopping devices during dinner, this gives parents both control and flexibility.


Parents can optionally receive email reports on their children’s internet usage, including website and apps they’re accessing.

Alerts and consequences

Parents now have an even greater ability to ensure their children and devices remain protected. Parents can now receive immediate alerts when Family Zone detects an attempt to tamper with parental controls, and can disable their children’s devices until controls are restored.

Online and phone support

Family Zone provides expert answers to parents’ online safety questions through our dedicated and experienced cyber safety support team.

For just $1.95, you can apply tried-and-trusted parental controls to your or your child’s account.
That’s $1.95 for peace of mind.


✓ This is an available add on for all our existing and current plans.

✓ The cost is $1.95 a month. This will be charged at the same time as your monthly service charge.

✓ For $1.95, you can cover 2 devices. The plan allows coverage on up to two mobile devices. These can be
2 mobile devices or 2 tablets or a combination of the two. You can opt to protect 2 devices that are not TPO phones.

✓ You can buy up to 5 types of this plan, protecting up to a total of 10 devices.

✓ Once you purchase a Family Zone-enabled plan, you’ll get information from
Family Zone as to how to set up your account and keep your children safe online.



You can sign up to be updated by clicking the yellow button below.
We’ll let you know as soon as Family Zone is up and running!

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