Who we are

TPO was started by three friends sharing a common vision. To transform something that people use everyday, their mobile phones, into a force for good.

Founders (and friends) Andrew Rosenfeld, Mark Epstein and Tom Gutteridge were, through their work with causes, all too aware of the problems that causes faced in raising funds. There was also a lack of businesses that took something you did everyday and let you choose who could benefit from that.

This, aligned with Mark and Tom's knowledge of the mobile industry, led them to think… what if a percentage of your mobile bill, something almost everyone in the world pays for each month, could go to a cause of your choice?

And what if it didn't cost you anything to do it? From that, the idea for a new kind of business was born. The date was early 2012 and they spent the next 6 months trying to see if it was possible. The answer was yes – and the result was The People's Operator, or TPO for short. The mobile network that turns your phone into a force for good.

They launched it in late 2012 in the UK and it's been growing ever since.

The proposition was simple - Instead of doing what other companies do and spend more than 10% of your money on expensive TV commercials & billboards - TPO gives 10% to something you care about. It is also committed to sharing a quarter of its profits with the TPO Foundation.

In January 2014, Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, joined the company.

Today, Jimmy is leading TPO's global expansion as Chairman and Head of Digital Strategy. He first heard of the company through his close friend and TPO Co-founder Andrew – and the more he heard the more inspired he became, not just by the mobile network but also in the even bigger idea.

What if their one-of-a kind mobile network also helped to build a global online community of people that wanted to make a difference? We could give them a place to gather, and the tools to support their interests in a totally free way. The goal was simple: To create an advertiser free social network that also included the most advanced giving platform. On July 21st, 2015 they launched the TPO in the US along with their social network that harnesses the power of a community to become the natural home on the Internet for cause-based activity.

Andrew sadly passed away in early 2015, so never saw the vision that he and his two friends had realized. For the rest of the world though… you and your friends can join TPO today at www.tpo.com

Our goal is to raise billions for good causes worldwide, delivering goodness with every connection made.

We give 10% of your bill to a cause you love for free